DSOG One Pager - Fact Sheet

DSOG Board Presentation Template

DSOG Campaign & Content - Hub User Guide

Beyond Your Control - Option B Deck

Digital Services_ Staff Leads Guidance


campaigns & content

CURRENT CAMPAIGN SET UP / INSTRUCTIONS - This PDF will be updated based on the campaign that we are in the midst of. CURRENTLY: June/July DSOG Campaign is Beyond Your Control (BYC) Option B

CONTENT ROADMAP & CALENDAR 2018 - This is a GoogleDoc that contains all possible Digital Services email and social campaigns to opt into / participate in and includes dates, goals, etc. For more detailed information on any campaigns that you'd like to participate in, please contact IUW.

EMAIL QA CHECKLIST - This list is a guideline for items to check when QA'ing email test sends

DSOG PROJECT STATUS TRACKER - This GoogleSheet will show tracking and status for Digital Services projects

Weekly call scheduling- for tuesday dsog calls


2018 United Way Worldwide Training Series - GoogleDoc that contains links to all possible 2018 training videos


PIN Business – Social lead generation

Kantar – Mindbase personas

BTH (Beyond the Horizon) – Tech middleware company that handles files to Salesforce

Fifty/Fifty – Hub page and story content

United Way Worldwide - Technically not a "vendor" but content, global branding standards, bug fixes/issues and project management comes from them 

2018 Digital Services Objective: Build the foundation and support structure  to achieve digital readiness for the UNITED WAY network

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.07.18 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.33.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.43.55 PM.png



Salesforce Marketing Cloud - United Way's provider of digital marketing email automation and analytics software and services. Analytics will sometimes be referred to as "Einstein"

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud (aka SPC) - United Way's platform that connects employees, customers and partners with the causes they care most about. 

UWW - United Way Worldwide

BTH - Beyond the Horizon (See Above Vendor List)

MYM - Make Your Moment (Refers to Quiz)

WordPress - Content management system which manages the creation and modification of digital content for the hub pages

Hub Pages - Refers to member landing page built through WordPress

Leads - Subscriber audience who have never engaged with United Way

Donors - Subscriber audience who are current/active donors with United Way

Lapsed Donors - Subscriber audience who have not donated with United Way in some time



404 Error – The error message that appears when a visitor tries to go to a web page that does not exist.

Email Automation – A system within marketing cloud to automatically send emails based on defined triggers. Multiple automated emails in a sequence are used create user funnels and segment users based on behavior. For example, an automation funnel could be set to send email 1 when a person provides their email address, then either email 2a or 2b would be sent based on whether or not the person clicked on the first email.

Click-Through-Rate – A metric showing how often people click on a CTA in an email. It can be calculated by dividing the number of clicks on the link divided by the number of impressions (how many times it was seen). 

Contact Form – A section on a website with fillable fields for visitors to contact the website owner, most commonly used to collect name, phone number, and email address of potential customers.

Content management system (CMS) - A software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.

CPC (Cost Per Click) – The amount of money spent for a click on an ad in a Pay-Per-Click campaign (PPC). 

CTA (Call to Action) – an element on a web page used to push visitors towards a specific action or conversion. A CTA can be a clickable button with text, an image, or text, and typically uses an imperative verb phrase like: “donate now"

HTML – Stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a set of codes that are used to tell a web browser how to display a webpage. Each individual code is called an element, or a tag. HTML has a starting and ending element for most markups.

Hyperlink – A hyperlink is an HTML code that creates a link from one webpage to another web page, characterized often by a highlighted word or image that takes you to the destined location when you click on that highlighted item.

IP Address – An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique number that identifies a device using the internet to communicate over a network. Each device has a unique IP address, and can be used to locate and differentiate that device from all other devices when using the internet.
You can find your public IP address by going to Google and searching “what is my ip address.”

Landing Page – The destination webpage a user lands on after clicking on a link (either in an ad or anywhere else). Some landing pages are designed with the purpose of lead generation, and others are with the purpose of directing the flow of traffic throughout a site.

Redirect – A way by which a web browser takes a user from one page to another without the user clicking or making any input. There are various types of redirects (the most common of which is the 301 redirect), which serve different purposes. Typically, this helps improve user experience across a website.

Tag – In WordPress, a tag is an identifying marker used to classify different posts based on keywords and topic. Similar to WordPress categories, but tags are more granular and specific, whereas categories are broad and thematic.

URL – stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is the address of a web page. The URL refers to what specific web page a web browser is viewing.

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters - Five variants of URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media

Wireframe – a cursory layout drawing of a webpage that acts as the first step in the design process.

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